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New for 2010!

Locked Safe for important 3in1 Approach for Maximum Value and Lower Prices

Welcome to the pricing list of Java2Days Conference

In 2010 we introduced a new 3in1 pass structure for the 3 co-located events: Java2Days, Mobile2Days and Cloud2Days with an emphasis on better value and lower prices, to great response. Instead of purchasing passes that allowed access for specific days or events, now we offer special passes that include access to all 3 events during 2 days at this premier conference.

All attendees can get a special registration offer!

* If you register before August 20 – 25% discount
* If you register before September 15 – 20% discount

The fees for the conference are as follows:

VIP Pass – 375 EUR

VIP Pass Includes:

* Full access to all events: Java2Days, Mobile2Days, Cloud2Days
* Access to VIP Lounge Room

* Business transfer** from and to Sofia airport and/ or other chosen destination
* Business trip – with luxury transport** (upon request)
* VIP Lunch – buffet with selected salads, dishes, desserts and drinks
* VIP Dinner&Party with speakers
* Priority front row seating
* VIP Bag with conference materials
* VIP Gifts
* VIP Parking
* 30% Discount to invite a friend with VIP Pass*
* Coffee Breaks
* Q & A session with speakers

** Luxury business transport – BMW X6 / Business Style & Security
2 Passengers back seat; Safety & Comfort; All equipped to make presentations and discussions; Locked Safe for important documents or weapons; GPS Navigation and control

Standard Pass – 245 EUR

Standard Pass Includes:

* Access to Java2Days, Mobile2Days and Cloud2Days
* Standard Lunch – access to lunch area with plenty of fresh sandwiches and drinks
* Standard Bag with conference materials
* Standard Gifts
* 30% Discount to invite a friend with Standard Pass*
* Coffee breaks
* Q & A session with speakers

Java2Days Economy Pass – 135 EUR

Java2Days Economy Pass Includes:

* Access to Java2Days Conference
* Conference materials
* 30% Discount to invite a friend with Economy Pass*
* Coffee breaks
* Q & A session with speakers

Mobile2Days Economy Pass / Cloud2Days Economy Pass – 100 EUR

Mobile2Days/ Cloud2Days Economy Pass Includes:

* Access to one event: Mobile2Days or Cloud2Days
* Conference materials
* 30% Discount to invite a friend with Economy Pass*
* Coffee breaks
* Q & A session with speakers

Included Components: Pass Types
VIP Standard Economy
Java2Days Mobile2Days Cloud2Days
Java2Days Conference
Mobile2Days Conference
Cloud2Days Conference
VIP Lunch
Standard Lunch
VIP Dinner & Party**
* This discount does not accumulate with the other.
** Tickets VIP Dinner and Party may be added to all passes for 60 EUR each when registering.

You can add to your pass:

Standard Lunch – 12 EUR per day

Special Dinner on 7th of October – 60 EUR

A dinner at a Bulgarian tavern with live folklore songs and dances. A place where one can meet with the lecturers and developers from different countries in a unique atmosphere tasting the world-famous traditional Bulgarian cuisine and drinks. We promise it will be a great unforgettable experience

Personal Registration

Please note: The chart below contains regular 2010 prices and and does not special packages. If you need to receive a special offer with custom packages, please contact us.
Type of Registration/
Type of Pass
Super Early Registration Early Registration Regular Registration
Closing date: 20.08.2010 Closing date: 15.09.2010 Available until event is sold out
Discount Price Discount Price Discount Price
VIP 25% 281.25 EUR 20% 300.00 EUR 0% 375.00 EUR
Standard 25% 183.75 EUR 20% 196.00 EUR 0% 245.00 EUR
Java2Days Economy 25% 101.25 EUR 20% 108.00 EUR 0% 135.00 EUR
One Event Economy 25% 75.00 EUR 20% 80.00 EUR 0% 100.00 EUR
Your declared conference pass can be transferred in another type 15 days before the conference. For this you have to send an e-mail at: info@java2days.com.

Group/Corporate Registration

If you are:

* Part of development team that wants to attend together
* A manager that wants to send members of a team
* A HR manager looking for ways to provide training opportunities at your company
* A freelance developer who wants to come with friends and etc.

Java2Days Conference offers discounts for groups of 3 and more people registering from the same company. The group registration discount for Java2Days applies to the following passes: VIP, Standard and Economy. The amount of the group discount is up to 10% off your registration cost.

Number of Passes Discount*
1-2 attendees 0%
3-5 attendees 5%
6-8 attendees 7%
9-12 attendees 10%
Over 12 attendees negotiable
*The discount is identical for each type of pass.

Note: The group discounts are valid off the current registration price including Super Early and Early discount registrations for VIP, Standard and Economy passes. No other passes entitled to the Group Registration discount. Additional discounts, such as University, School and JUG Member or other special discounts are not combined with the group discounts.

How to Register?

To get the Java2Days group registration discount, please send the completed Group registration form with information for each registrant to register@java2days.com. You can also fax the completed Registration form to +359 2 9589965.

Alternatively you can use Online Registration that will be available soon. If you prefer online registration, please make sure you add all attendees on step 3.

If you have any questions about pricing and discounts, please contact us at: info@java2days.com.

We will answer you as soon as possible

Additional Pricing Notes & Discount Information

* All prices include 20% VAT
* The official currency of the events is the Euro
* Accepted form of payment is wire transfer/bank draft.